Video Game Secrets

Video games are probably electronic games played via an input device or using a user interface in order to create a visual feedback for the player. Input devices can be anything such as a keyboard, joystick etc. and video games are too prevalent among teens and kids which give them so many thrills and keeps them engaged. Also online casino Brasil opens more avenues for the game lovers.

Video game enthusiasts might know it well that every video game has some or the other hidden secrets and Easter eggs that are not so easy to get through. And I am sure finding those secrets are a real fun and for many it would be a special discovery that they were though not intended to have a look at. Since technology has come a long way now, it is quite easy to spot the secrets because of the quick access to the internet and YouTube etc to find out about the ins and outs of video games.  But gamers have taken decades to find some of these treasures. Well some obscure Easter eggs were actually never meant to be found out by the player.

So here are some of the most inconspicuous video game secrets that will definitely drive you crazy and force you to wonder as to how it is possible to do online casino brasil. Then let us take a dive into some of them mentioned below:

1)    Quincy Sharp’s Office

  In this video game there is an unmarked wall in Warden Sharp’s Office. While playing it the batman’s vision will register to you as any ordinary wall.  But upon causing explosions on the wall you will unveil a hidden room. And there in the room are references to Arkham Asylum’s sequel, Arkham City.

2)    Happy Birthday Lauren! (Halo 3)

Bungie Coder Adrien Perez left a happy birthday message through a secret kept in a video game. Well quite interesting it seems as holding down the thumbsticks would reveal “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN” in the loading screens ring. Though this was a bit infamous for its collectable secret skulls that unlock gameplay modifiers. Also this sweet message can only be seen on December 25th in any year.

3)    Splinter Seals (Splinter Cell: Double Agent)

This game of Tom Clancy’s cell is full of gritty military action leaving players in for a shock when they came to know about a secret set of quests that involved space travelling seals that wore party hats. In the game the player is supposed to collect a variety of items for the seals. Some clues are provided to the players about the seal’s next probable location as after rescuing them all they will return to their home. After finding the entire item for the seal their princess will express her gratitude to the player. Splinter Cell: Double Agent provides you with a dark entry in the franchise as Sam fisher is supposed to undercover a terrorist organization to shut them down.

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