Special tips in choosing the right kitchen design

Kitchen i.e. kitchen is an essential part of any house, where food is made for the whole family. The fragrance of the dishes in the festivals comes from the kitchen itself and the hosting of the guests also starts from here. That is why it is important to keep the kitchen beautiful and lively, so that the atmosphere of the whole house remains positive.

To make a perfect kitchen, you can keep some things in mind that can give a perfect design to your kitchen. So let’s know these tips that will make this special part of your house perfect.

Planning of space:

Planning of space is necessary for a perfect kitchen. Keep in mind that a kitchen should have enough space for refrigerator, hob and sink and also keep in mind how many people will be present in the kitchen at a time and will have to make sure the place accordingly.

Another aspect that people often overlook is the space under the kitchen counters, while designing the kitchen, makes sure that enough space is available under the kitchen counters to allow a person to stand comfortably on the counter for a long time. The more specific and organized the kitchen, the better you will be able to work. Put apron, gloves and other kitchen accessories in their place.


Granite is considered the most perfect for kitchen countertops due to its strong and durable. However, in modern times, new technology has come and new types of materials are used in countertops such as quartz and Korean. These are available in many color options. Apart from this, they are economical as well as durable and of good quality.


In today’s time, no kitchen is complete without the appropriate appliances. There are different types of goods available in the market under kitchen appliances, so before designing your kitchen, make a list of the necessary equipment that you want to keep in your kitchen. Make sure that you choose the equipment based on your need and utility, as most of the appliances available in the market are not necessary for everyone, except basic equipment. Also keep these appliances in the kitchen in such a way that you can use them easily and they also help in making your kitchen attractive.


It is considered important and good to have enough light in the kitchen, but despite this, often people do not pay much attention to the arrangement of lighting in the kitchen, which can give your kitchen a dull look. So keep in mind that there is enough lighting in your kitchen, having enough light at the bottom and top of the cabinet and at other places will also make you easier to work and will also enhance the look of your kitchen. Sensors can also be provided inside the cabinet with sensors for both work and beauty, which will increase beauty as well as ease of working.

Make room for storage.

“The biggest mistake people make in the planning phase is that they don’t allow enough storage. Put overhead cabinets on the roof, rather than leaving a ditch at the top that collects dust.” Till pots and pans Consider deep drawers for easy access, and include enough storage for equipment that would otherwise clutter the countertops.

 Water system

Keep a distance of at least 3-4 feet from the gas while fitting the sink in the kitchen. Many times, for convenience, we install the sink near the counter top. Often, children come and run the taps after holding a juvenile plate, bowl, etc., so that the food that is being made nearby gets splashed. This is more common in kitchens that lack space. So the kitchen should be at least 10X10 feet or 9X9 feet. If there are two platforms in the kitchen, do not put a sink on the gas platform, but put it on the other.

Choose the right things

Do not choose extremely light colors when making a kitchen. Light colors look good initially but fade after some time. Especially counter top floor and wall tiles. Most people choose white, cream-like colors while making kitchens that look beautiful in appearance, but after some time their brightness fades. So always choose slightly darker colors and clean them daily.

Air system

If you do not have a window in the kitchen, plan a chimney above the hob / gas stove to suck heat and smoke from the kitchen. Often people have the impression that artificial sealing is not required in the kitchen, but with proper ventilation and chimney placement in place, it can be used beautifully to provide uniform lighting in the kitchen.

One of the most used parts of the home is the kitchen. From the design of the kitchen to the making of the kitchen island, small mistakes are usually ignored, which later becomes difficult.

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