Come Home More Often to the Internet

The internet is indispensable to many of us. And yet, the technology behind it is complex and doesn’t come from a poof of pixie dust or a wave of a magic wand. The shares of adults who report going online on a constantly-connected basis have grown since 2015, especially among college-educated adults and those under the age of 30.

How It Works

The Internet is an amazing thing. It takes a tremendous amount of complex infrastructure to deliver the services that we all rely on. It doesn’t come from a poof of magic pixie dust, it’s the result of thousands of people working for years with billions of dollars in funding to build today’s world-class Internet. This 9-minute video will help you understand the basics of how your Internet gets to your home. Enjoy!

This is a high-speed, optical fiber network that connects major cities.

Why It’s Important

We know that the Internet is vital to many aspects of our daily lives, from communication to shopping and learning. But it’s important to remember that the Internet isn’t magic. It requires complex hardware and software working together to deliver services we take for granted. While most Americans say they have turned to tech in some way during the pandemic, there are notable differences by income, education, and other factors. For example, those with a bachelor’s degree or more education are roughly twice as likely to have made video calls during the pandemic. The internet is also essential for children’s education and civic duties like voting, which can be especially difficult without access.

Our work is about making sure that everyone has the opportunity to connect, learn, and participate online, regardless of their circumstances.

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